Crestview announces Blue, Red and White Clubs

Crestview Elementary announced the Blue, Red and White Clubs for the third trimester. These academic clubs are based on student grades and attendance for third, fourth and fifth graders.

For Blue Club eligibility, students must have all A’s on their grade card and have missed 24 or fewer hours during the second trimester. Blue Club members include:

 3rd grade: A. Crisp, L. Gardner, L. Grace, A. Heth, E. Lamb, K. Lichtensteiger, A. Motycka, N. Myers, A. Owens, H. Perrott, J. Ring, B. Vibbert, and K. West.

4th grade: A. Gardner, J. Heth, C. Marks, H. Perrott, J. Schumm, D. Thornell, and L. Tracey.

5th grade: S. Boroff, A. Cunningham, S. Dowler, R. Gerardot, R. Gerardot, J. Kulwicki, H. Myers, N. Ross, K. Sawmiller, E. Scarlett, W. Sheets, Q. Tomlinson, D. Yinger

Red Club members must have all A’s and B’s and have missed 24 hours or fewer during the second trimester. Red Club members include:

3rd grade: Z. Bailey, B. Baxter, K. Berridge, M Debbe, D. Delgado, M. Dickman, B. Ellis, C. Feasby, J. Flickinger, K. Gregory, C. Grubb, Z. Hall, M. Harting, G. Kahle, A. Kraner, E. Lamb, K. Lichtensteiger, J. McGarvey, C. Miller, C. Miller, N. Mitchener, E. Myers, K. Parrish, J. Quickcstad, R. Saum, K. Short, Q. Smart, C. Speelman, J. Stamm, F. Staton, K. Vining, K. Williams, N. Woodruff, G. Younker.

4th grade: L. Best, N. Bidlack, A. Bigham, J. Craft, J. Forwerck, C. Gray, H. Grose, O. Heckler, K. Heffner, B. Huffine, S. Johns, A. Leatherman, E. Lichtle, L. Putman, E. Ricksecker, R. Risley, L. Ross, L. Smith, L. Sowers, J. Wehner, M. Williamson.

5th grade: N. Burk, H. Buuck, J. Craft, K. Crider, M. Debbe, A. Dietrich, A. Figley, T. Heffner, B. Lutz, J. Marks, D. Raines, K. Roberts, M. Romero, S. Short, L. Simerman, Z. Stemen, H. Waltmire, L. Webster.For

White Club eligibility, students must earn all B’s and have missed 24 hours or fewer during the second trimester. White club members include:

4th grade: M. Dealey

5th grade; Z. Martin, D. Nihiser, and H. Tobias.

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