Alternate Learning Schedule for Crestview Middle School

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Alternate Learning Schedule

Through the collection of data and district-level discussion, Crestview will implement an "alternate schedule" with a mix of remote and onsite (face-to-face) learning days.  Staff will report to the building during this time, and students will be experiencing a combination of on-site and remote learning.  The purpose of this document is to share the district's plan at the middle school level of what an alternate learning schedule entails.  In part, the schedule below is a result of information shared and experienced as it relates to Covid-19 and contact tracing.

Middle School 

Weekly Schedule

Middle school students with last names starting with A-L will attend school in the building every Monday, Wednesday, and every other Friday.  This group of students will be referred to as our BLUE! group.

Middle school students with last names starting M-Z will attend school in the building every Tuesday, Thursday, and every other Friday.  This group of students will be referred to as our RED! Group.

If we have a cancellation of school for any reason ( inclement weather--fog), this day will not be made up the next day.  The next day will be what is scheduled in the rotation.

On-site (in the building) Schedule

Thursday, October 15        RED! (Students M-Z)

Friday, October 16        BLUE! (Students A-L)

Monday, October 19        BLUE!

Tuesday, October 20        RED!

Wednesday, October 21        BLUE!

Thursday, October 22        RED!

Friday, October 23        RED!

Monday, October 26        BLUE!

Tuesday, October 27        RED!

Wednesday, October 28        BLUE!

Thursday, October 29        RED!

Friday, October 30        BLUE!

On Wednesday, October 28, we will reevaluate our status as it relates to Covid-19 and contact tracing to determine our schedule starting on Monday, November 2.  We will communicate the schedule (traditional, continued alternate, or remote) on Wednesday, October 28, for the week starting November 2.

Daily Schedule

Onsite Learning in the building (face-to-face)- Students will follow their normal schedule while in the building with school starting at the regular time of 8 a.m.  Remote Learners- Students need to Zoom in at that time for attendance to their core 1 class even if they have study hall.  Specials will ONLY occur on the days students are in the building for on-site instruction.  

Remote Learning students will follow the same schedule as though in the building.  This will assist in providing continuity to the educational process.

  • Students are expected to be in their core classes via Zoom on remote learning days in order to be counted present.  If students are unable to attend due to illness or other tech-related reasons, a parent must contact the office sharing information as to why the student is absent.

  • Assignments and other activities will be posted on Google Classroom as well.

  • No specials will occur when students are remote learning (they do not need to Zoom during that time unless otherwise noted).  Students in 7th/8th will need to Zoom in for attendance at 8 AM then hang around on Zoom during that short study hall before Core 1.  Other than that, students will not need to be on Zoom for 6th-grade study hall or Knight Times.

  • PARENT SELECTED REMOTE LEARNERS ONLY--You will Zoom or check Google Classroom for specials on the days that your last name would indicate that you would normally be in the building even though you do not come to the building physically.  Parent selected remote learners are those who selected to do complete remote learning back in August and have not been in the building this year.

Extra-curricular Activities

Currently, we will maintain our established schedule for extra-curricular activities.  Students who are not in the building on a given day will be allowed to enter the building no earlier than 3:15 p.m. and must report to their designated area directly.

I personally wish to say thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we move forward.  Our student body and staff has done an outstanding job of handling the challenges of which we are faced.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns that you may have.

We Are Crestview!

Trent Kreischer

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