Portrait of a Graduate

Definition - Crestview Local Schools’ Portrait of a Graduate partners academic content with a meaningful set of competencies to present a picture of the district’s goal for all students: well-rounded, productive adults who can contribute positivity within their chosen vocations and  communities.  The expected competencies identified in the Portrait of a Graduate provide a definitive framework that begins with the district’s youngest learners in preschool and culminates during a student’s senior year.  The Portrait of a Graduate is a collaborative endeavor embracing input from numerous stakeholders including community members, local business owners, members of the Board of Education, district administration, teachers, and students themselves.  

Purpose - The Portrait of a Graduate provides an intentional, focused direction for helping students develop attributes that are necessary to successfully navigate any career or college pathway.  As important as it is to equip students with the appropriate knowledge for success after high school graduation, it is equally important to be intentional in fostering growth with competencies that develop students’ relational and interpersonal skills.  As such, then, the Portrait of a Graduate is a part of the district’s strategic plan.    

Implementation - Working with students to develop relational and interpersonal skills is not a new concept; the district’s teachers, administration, and support staff have always embraced this side of learning.  What is new, however, is the intentional framework of the Portrait of a Graduate, allowing students, administrations, teachers and staff a common language and vocabulary to foster and support this instructional component.  During the upcoming 2020-2021 school year, those teachers (known as the District Design Team) involved in the implementation of the Portrait of a Graduate will focus on sharing the framework with all teachers in the district.  Intentional decisions will be made to use common vocabulary and make meaningful connections within course curriculums to the competencies identified in the Portrait of a Graduate framework. Successful implementation of the Portrait of a Graduate means that graduates will be able to articulate and demonstrate their investment in themselves as college and career ready individuals ready to embrace their futures. 
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