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Trent Kreischer WOW!  How can it be 2019 already?  I know it sounds cliche, but it feels like it was just August!  Time has truly flown by this fall and early winter. Let me first say, I am extremely proud of how hard our students and staff have worked this first half of the year.  Back in the fall, I challenged my staff to make connections with kids and to include parents as a part of that triangle. They have made it a priority even though this goal has no final destination.  We will continue to work to increase relationships and build upon the cohesion between school, students, and parents.  As part of the equation, I appreciate the parents that were able to make it to student-led/parent-teacher conference back in November.  Nearly 80% of our parents were in attendance!  That is awesome!

I also wanted to discuss something that is very important in our philosophy.  We want students to not just develop academically, but also develop the whole child.  A major part of that is developing a servant’s heart.  We were able to help students experience and plan a service project this holiday season with our Celebrate Christmas Caring day.  The sixth-grade staff and students planned several activities for our elementary students during the last day before break.  The activities included “The Polar Express Experience,” a rousing rendition of “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” and  a readers’ theater version of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.”  The seventh-grade students and staff spent the morning volunteering at local churches and businesses.  They also raised money and shopped to help a few local families by giving them a little something extra this Christmas.  Eighth-grade staff and students raised money to plan and serve a free community lunch at Redeemer Lutheran Church in rural Convoy.  In all these instances, students were able to showcase collaboration, problem-solving, and creativity under the umbrella of giving of themselves to others.  It was an awesome day to be a Knight.

Lastly, there are a few staff-initiated changes being implemented in response to creating a more student-centered environment.  Last month, in order to help students gain organization skills, sixth-grade teachers suggested that Knight Time be moved to the end of the school day.  So, for sixth grade, we made this change.  It has been very beneficial for students to be able to have time to get started on homework and to get organized for the evening ahead.  Also, teachers expressed concern that semester exams were not developmentally appropriate for students in the middle school.  As a staff, we had a discussion to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of exams.  It was decided that semester and final exams in grades 6-8 would not be a part of the grading process this year.  Teachers felt like it would be more beneficial for students to have unit-based assessments or projects that were a part of the nine-weeks grades and/or to take the time to monitor and review student progress toward learning targets aligned to standards rather than give an all-encompassing test over the entire year.

I hope you all enjoyed the Christmas Season with family and loved ones.  I want to thank Jason Lozer, Lindsey Moore, Danille Hancock and their students for their amazing work with the middle school Christmas concert.  It was a great holiday kickstart!  I look forward to an amazing second half of the year.  I am sure it will be just as quick!  We will continue to focus on our theme of “We over Me” and educating the social and emotional aspects of students alongside the academic rigor we emphasize daily. I have created several YouTube videos on these topics as messages to students that I call “Thoughts from Mr. Kreischer’s Desk.” You can view my channel and my videos here. Click the red “subscribe” button to add it to your YouTube subscription list.  #WEARECRESTVIEW

Trent Kreischer
Middle School Principal
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