High School Principal's Message

Dave Bowen
As the days roll into October, we find ourselves at Crestview High School moving forward with an
outstanding rhythm to the school year. Students are working hard academically to prepare
themselves for both the present and their future endeavors. Teachers and staff members continue to
teach curriculum coinciding with the skills that give our students an opportunity to grow and be

As we continue to work with students at the high school level, I have taken note of a change in the
relationship between teachers and students. We promote the educational process with our students
differently than just a few years ago. Yes, one could say that the teacher and the principal are the
main authority figures in the classroom and the building, but a subtle change has occurred over
time. Today, we promote a partnership and a relationship that fosters academic success more than
ever. As adults, it is imperative that our students understand that we truly do not see nor promote a
“we versus they”, “us versus you”, or a “me versus you” mentality. Teachers and staff members are
the vehicles for students to use as transportation to their desired destination. Yes, there are
challenges presented to our students by teachers and there are policies and rules established by the
administration of which students must adhere. We also continually promote situations where our
students must think critically on their road to success. However, our staff and administration care
for our students and want to see them achieve success more than ever. As a result, there has been a
mind shift toward collaboration and clearly stated goals where teachers assist students more than I
have witnessed in my 31 years of being a teacher and administrator. I enjoy having the opportunity
to share with our students, and especially our seniors, that their teachers, along with myself, are
conduits for them to use in preparation for their future. There are so many challenges that they face
daily, monthly, and during the course of the school year that an adversarial mindset will not be
conducive for them now or in the future. We are here to help and assist. We encourage our
students to take advantage of the human resources that they see every day.

Shifting gears, I would like to take a moment to congratulate and thank Mr. Jeremy Best, who
recently stepped away from leading our boys’ basketball program after his team captured the 2019
state championship. Coach Best has been an outstanding leader of our young men since coming to
Crestview in 2002. While the actual numbers and tournament success that his teams have
experienced are beyond being refuted, Coach Best has done so much more in helping our young
men to grow and use lessons taught on the hardwood to their benefit in life. Along with leading at
the middle school special education department level, Coach Best continues to lead our golf
program and will be assisting longtime head coach Jim Wharton and his baseball program at the
seventh grade level this spring. Congrats again to Coach Best for all that he has done and continues
to do in the classroom and through coaching. His continued involvement in the fabric that is
Crestview is an asset.

I would also like to offer congratulations to Mrs. Cindy Tinnel. Mrs. Tinnel is a 2019 Kathe Shelby
Leadership award recipient. This award recognizes an outstanding special education leader in Ohio
named after the former director (2008-2011) of the Ohio Department of Education’s Office for
Exceptional Children. Mrs. Tinnel will attend an awards ceremony at the OCALICON 2019
national conference held in Columbus in November. Cindy is a leader in our special education
department. This is a prestigious honor, and we are proud that she is to be recognized for a well-
earned accomplishment that symbolizes all of her efforts with our children during her career at

To conclude, I want to encourage all of you to take advantage of the many opportunities to see our
young people display their skills and talents through the various extracurricular activities in which
they participate. Our young people do such an outstanding job of taking the educational lessons
taught by their teachers, coaches, and/or advisors and representing our community in a positive
fashion. We are very fortunate! As always, Go Knights!
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