Sealed proposals will be received by Crestview Local School District in the Board Room,
located at 531 E. Tully Street, Convoy, Ohio 45832, until 2:00 PM on June 13, 2019, at which
time and place propo sals will be opened publicly and read aloud. Proposals receiv ed
after 2:00 PM on June 1 3, 2019 will be returned unopened. Pro posals shall be for the
furnishing of materials and the performance of labor necessary for the:
Crestview Local Schools, Classroom Addition & Renovation
531 E. Tully Street
Convoy, Ohio, 45832

Notice to Bidders 

Cross Country

Girls Varsity Cross Country


1st row left to right: Jenessa Sparks, Lydia Saylor, Emily Greulach, Dustiny Tice, Kenzie Leeth, Kiara Anderson, Makenna Tice

2nd Row left to right: Coach Jeff Bagley, Ragen Harting, Lauren Walls, Savannah Smith, Lizzie Bowen, Lauren Schumm, Hannah WEaver, Adalynn Longstreth, Hannah Turpening, Coach Randy Grandstaff


Boys Varsity Cross Country 


1st row left to right: Hayden Tomlinson, Wyatt Richardson, Danil Lichtensteiger, Jayden Renner, Cameron Cearns

2nd row left to right: Coach Jeff Bagley, Aiden Ankney, Dayton Schuerman, Chase Forwerck, Brian Myers, Jacob Forwerck, Coach Randy Grandstaff

Senior Cross Country Runners

Lizzie Bowen Savannah Smith Hannah Weaver
Lauren Schumm Chase Forwerck 

Middle School Cross Country


1st row left to right: Meghan Mosier, Lily Burch, Isaiah Watts, Trey Skelton, Baylee Miller, Katelyn Leeth, Coach SHane Leeth 

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