Sealed proposals will be received by Crestview Local School District in the Board Room,
located at 531 E. Tully Street, Convoy, Ohio 45832, until 2:00 PM on June 13, 2019, at which
time and place propo sals will be opened publicly and read aloud. Proposals receiv ed
after 2:00 PM on June 1 3, 2019 will be returned unopened. Pro posals shall be for the
furnishing of materials and the performance of labor necessary for the:
Crestview Local Schools, Classroom Addition & Renovation
531 E. Tully Street
Convoy, Ohio, 45832

Notice to Bidders 


Varsity Football Cheerleading


1st row left to right: Emily Barricklow, Alyssa Sparks, Jacq LeMieux, Chelsea Taylor, Dreama Hampton, Rosie Bogle, Josce Gallimore

2nd row left to right: Maisee Short, Lexi Harter, Alex Sefanek, Amber Young, Olivia Dirr, Jamie Balliet, Haley Sheets, Alyssa Hoerston 

Competition Cheer Team


1st row left to right: Chelsea Taylor, Jacq LeMieux

2nd row left to right: Nevaeh Pruett, Rosie Bogle, Josce Gallimore, Aliya Clouser

3rd row left to right: Alex Stefanek, Maisee Short, Lexi Harter, Jamie Balliet, Haley SHeets, Alyssa Hoersten 

Senior Cheerleaders

Chelsea Taylor Jacquelyn LeMieux Dreama Hampton

Middle School Football Cheerleaders


1st row left to right: Cady Cook, Jorja Forwerck, Caitlin Grubb, Hannah Schmiesing

2nd row left to right: JulieAnn Chiles, Ayla Hartman, Kursten Nickols, Mayahlie Hampton, Melissa Joseph

Not pictured: Libbie Temple 

Cheerleading Coaches

High School Cheer
Ericka Priest
Competition Cheer
Courtney Stripe
Middle School Cheer
Adrienne May

Varsity Basketball Cheerleading 


1st row left to right: Rosie Bogle, Chelsea Taylor, Lexi Harter

2nd Row left to right: Alex Stefanek, Kenzie Leeth, Ellie Vining, Nevaeh Pruett, Maisee Short 

High School Cheerleading Coach

Halle Beougher 



Senior Cheerleader
Chelsea Taylor 
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