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Apr26 4/26/2018 8:50:00 AM by Meghan Henry
The Crestview junior class recently had the opportunity to participate in a job shadowing experience in order to prepare them for life after high school. The junior job shadowing program has been around for many years but it continues to be beneficial and productive in getting students to think about their future and what career fields might be the right fit for them. Over the course of the week-long program 35 students partnered with local workplaces to gain valuable insight into a job or career they were interested in. Students shadowed jobs that included the medical field, law enforcement, teaching, various business fields, journalism, farming, construction and many more. 
School Counselor Dave Springer said, “We’ve been doing this for all of my 26 years at Crestview. It’s such a positive experience for our students to gain a real look at what a career might entail. Even a negative job shadowing experience can be positive because it shows a student that they should head in a different direction with their career choice.”  Springer said, “Setting up the experience is up to the students, so they also gain soft skills in communication by setting up the day for themselves. They need to make calls, communicate, and have a conversation with the employer or person they are shadowing.”
Students are permitted to job shadow for one day their junior year during the specified week and one day during their senior year prior to the fourth quarter. Next year, seniors will also have the opportunity to participate in the CEO Program which matches students with internships during the school day for high school credit and career exposure.
In addition to the opportunity to visit locations outside of the school, the Intro to Medical Science class and the rest of the science department were able to talk with a Lutheran Life Flight team who visited the school on Thursday afternoon as part of the job shadowing experience.
The team described their duties to the students, answered questions, and showed the groups their “workplace” on the aircraft.  read more...
Apr25 4/25/2018 8:14:00 AM by Meghan Henry
Crestview Middle School recently recognized their Red and Blue Clubs for the first semester of the 2017-18 school year. These students earned this recognition by meeting required criteria. Red Club nominees must attain no grade less and a C and participate in two activities, one being school-related. Those in Blue Club can have no grade lower than a B and must participate in three activities, one being affiliated with Crestview. Both clubs require no more than five school absences in the semester. As a reward for achieving this honor, students will be treated to a reward in the near future.

Blue Club (front l to r):  E. Greulach, H. Tomlinson, M. Short, O. Heckler, M. Kulwicki, M. Mosier, C. Tussing, W. Ludwig.
(middle l to r): A. Williman, O. Ramos, K. Nickols, M. Joseph, I. Kline, E. Walls, C. Cook, L. Burch.
(back l to r): K.Williamson, G. Yinger, N. Walls, D. Gray, H. Jones, P. Kreischer, K. Putman, H. Myers.

Red Club (front l to r): H. Dickson, M. Cunningham, C. Sheets, J. Harting, T. Skelton, B. Eggleston, G. Grubb.
(middle l to r): M. Hampton, K. Sites, D. Wreath, Z. Miller, S. Longstreth, A. Alvarez, D. Parrish.
(back l to r): N. Riggenbach, E. Karcher, H. Schmiesing, M. Etzler, L. Walls, C. Helt.
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